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Before starting out your stream session and publishing it on P2L, you will need to adjust some basic settings and stream info, for example, add a description for your stream, a stream title, type of game or category, as well as set up push notifications and language restrictions. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you're technically ready to stream.

To check if your hardware and software qualify for streaming, please see articles Streaming Requirements and Streaming Software.

To read guidelines on streaming software setup, please see the Guide To Streaming section.

As a P2L streamer, you will mainly use the On Air page in the Control Panel of your P2L account to ensure the best streaming experience and monitor your success. For a detailed description of other useful tools that your Control Panel has to offer, please see Overview of Your Control Panel.

1. Go to the Control Panel by clicking the drop-down menu arrow next to your Username in the top-right corner of the front page and selecting Control Panel.

2. This will take you to the On air page where you will find the Stream info section under your Video player.

3. Adjust the following settings:

Add Stream Info: In this section, you can specify your stream title in the Title field and mention game or category for your video stream. Make sure you click the Update into button to save changes you made.

Enter Notification Message: To attract viewers to the stream before you begin, you may want your followers to be notified on the start of your streaming session via a customized push notification. Feel free to write any catchy or call-to-action message that best describes the upcoming stream to make sure you acquire your audience from the get-go. To do so, just enter your text message into the Push notification text box in the Stream info section. Make sure you click the Update into button to save changes you made. 

Choose Language: You can select the language for your stream in the Language drop-down menu. If you wish so, you may also opt out to choose one language that should only be used in your stream chat by checking the Restrict language box. Make sure you click the Update into button to save changes you made.

4. Now, you're ready to stream! 

Publish Stream: To begin sharing your stream, click the Publish stream button under the Video player.

Before you proceed to publishing your first stream, you will be prompted to read our End-User License Agreement in a pop-up window. To continue using our stream publishing feature, you must agree to its terms and conditions by checking the I agree with the EULA box and clicking the Continue button.

5. Enjoy your streaming experience!

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