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Play2Live provides interactive ways to bring viewers and streamers closer. 

Once registered on the platform, you get access to viewing streams, following your favourite streamers, participating in live chats, and streaming your own games. 

Follow a Streamer

Following a streamer allows you to keep an eye on what's happening on their channel, watch their streams, and chat with them just like any other regular user.

As a follower, you will able to:

  • keep track of your favourite streamer's channel;

  • watch their streams;

  • interact with others in live chats;

  • send basic emoji chat messages.

To follow a streamer's channel, just click Follow under the video player next to the channel name.

However, if you wish to stand out from the crowd, be recognized by your favourite streamer as a special fan, show particular support for a streamer, and get some advantages in a live chat as compared to other viewers, you may want to upgrade to subscription.

To discover the advantages of subscribing, please see the Subscribe to a Streamer guide.

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