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Play2Live provides interactive ways to bring viewers and streamers closer. 

Once registered on the platform, you get access to viewing streams, following your favourite streamers, participating in live chats, and streaming your own games. 

However, if you wish to stand out from the crowd, be recognized by your favourite streamer as a special fan, show particular support for a streamer, and get some advantages in a live chat as compared to other viewers, you may want to upgrade to subscription. 

Subscribing to a streamer's channel will allow you to benefit in a number of ways.

As a subscriber, you get all the benefits of following PLUS will be able to:

  • get recognition on a streamer's account through special badges; 

  • show support and appreciation for a streamer through exclusive chat emotes; 

  • express your emotions on special moments through exciting static and animated emotes;

  • chat in a subscribers only chat room;

  • directly support your favourite streamer.

Here is the list of exciting features available for subscribers:


Subscribing to a streamer's channel earns you a badge that will display together with your username in that streamer's live chat. This helps your favourite streamer discover you as their special fan. The type of badge you get will depend on your loyalty to a specific streamer. 

There are various badge types available: 


These are virtual goods that you can use to lighten up your chat messages and that will get you attention in a live chat. There are basic emotes available for you by default right from the moment you sign up on Play2Live. 

However, you can get a special set of exciting emoticons exclusively available for subscribers, including animated emoji.

You may use them whenever you feel like showing appreciation and expressing your feelings when amazing events or moments happen on stream. This is also one of the ways you can show support for your favourite streamer. 

To celebrate special moments on stream, you can send as many exciting emoji chat messages as you want. 

Here are examples of emoji collection you can have:


Sometimes streamers may want to set up a chat room specifically for subscribers only. This type of chat is available only for subscribers. 

For streamer's followers, a subscribers only chat will still be visible, but sending messages to the chat will be disabled.

To be able to subscribe, you will need a sufficient LUC balance on your P2L account and select one of the subscription plans available on Play2Live

For guidelines on how to make a deposit to your account, please see Make a Deposit article.

To subscribe to a streamer:

  1. Click Subscribe under the video player next to the channel name or click on the Subscribe button under the box with locked emotes in the lower right corner.  

2. This will take you to the Subscribe page where you can select your subscription plan and review the benefits you will get as a subscriber. 

3. If you have sufficient amount of LUC on your account balance, just tap on the subscription plan you prefer and click Subscribe. As you see a message on successful subscription, click Close and feel free to explore and enjoy all the benefits of a subscriber!

4. If you do not have sufficient LUC funds on your account, you will not be able to make a subscription and will be prompted to make a deposit. 

5. To deposit funds to your account, click on the Make a deposit link under the Subscribe button that is disabled and follow the instructions provided in the Make a Deposit article.  As soon as you get some credit to your account, feel free to resume the subscription procedure. 

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