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Create tasks for streamers

Creating tasks for streamers is one of the exciting interactive features uniquely available to P2L users.

To make the most of the streaming experience, Play2Live allows viewers interact with their favourite streamers right on stream and create challenging tasks to see if they can handle them. Also, tasks are one of the ways streamers can actually earn on P2L.

  • With an advanced task manager, viewers can challenge their favourite streamers with their own tasks or support other tasks with LUC tokens. 

  • You can create tasks only for an upcoming stream. So make sure you create one beforehand.

  • Streamers can also create tasks for themselves.

  • To be accepted and performed by a streamer, the task should collect a certain amount of LUC votes from viewers. The task will available for 4 hours since its creation. The minimum contributions threshold will depend on the task complexity. 

  • You may vote for a task with any amount of LUC tokens to partially or fully reach the contribution amount required. Apart from that, you can support tasks created by you, as well as by other users of the platform.

  • Should the task be accepted and successfully accomplished by a streamer, all the LUC contributions to that task will be shared between the streamer and the platform. If a streamer failed or declined the task, all the amounts will return to their respective contributors. Likewise, all the LUC tokens you voted with for a task that failed to collect the required contributions cap will be refunded to your account. 

  • What is particular about the task-setting system implemented on P2L is that the platform automatically determines whether the task was accomplished successfully or failed.  

To create a task:  

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that a certain amount of LUC will be withdrawn from your account as a payment for task creation. The amount of LUC is normally equivalent to 0.25 USD, which is a fixed price for task creation. This amount is non-refundable regardless of whether it was accepted or declined by a streamer.

  1. Creating tasks is available on the channel page of a streamer that you want to set a task for. The quickest way to get to the channel page is by selecting a game category from the Popular games section and/or a stream channel from the main P2L page.

  2. Please keep in mind that currently you can create tasks only for the upcoming stream. So make sure you create one beforehand.Click Create a task in the left task manager panel.
  3. Now, feel free to design any task you wish by specifying the type of action you want the streamer to perform, selecting the type of weapon to be used, the necessary condition and number of times that you want the action to be repeated. You may also set a timer for an action, as well as add multiple actions to one task.

  4. To specify the type of action to be performed by a streamer, select one in the Action drop-down menu.

  5. To select the weapon to be used by a streamer to accomplish the action, select one in the Weapon drop-down menu. If the weapon to be used does not matter for you in that task, then choose Any.

  6. Specify the number of times that you want the action to be performed in the Count field. You may also clarify if you want the action to be repeated the exact number of times you specified (equal to) or above/below that number in the Condition drop-down menu. 

  7. If needed, set a timer for the action in the Timer field. 

  8. To add one more action to the task, click on the Add another action link under the newly added action.

  9. As you add new actions and make your task more complicated, the system will dynamically calculate and set the cost of the task. That will be the minimum cap of LUC tokens that the task is supposed to collect to become available for a streamer to perform. The minimum contributions threshold will depend on the task complexity. 

  10. Once finished adding actions, click on the Create button. 

  1. You will be redirected to the All tasks window where you can review all currently available tasks created by the viewers of the stream, including yours. 

Your task will be included into the pending list of tasks created by all the viewers of this channel awaiting a sufficient contributions cap. The task will available for 4 hours since its creation. Once collected the required amount of LUC votes, the task will immediately be available to the streamer to accept and perform it.


To learn how you can support your or other viewers' task, see the Vote for tasks article.

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