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What is LUC

LUC is a utility token used as an exclusive payment option within the Play2Live platform. 

You can enjoy all the advantages that cryptocurrencies  and blockchain technology has to offer. These include:

  • The ability to start earning as a streamer instantly, receiving LUC from the very first broadcasts. There is no need to pass a certain viewing threshold, fill out multipage forms to receive money, and endure a lengthy waiting period before funds are transferred to the streamer’s bank account.
  • Any coin received for viewing ads, streams, won for completing a challenge or purchased in any other way can be transferred, spent or exchanged for fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency thanks to a gateway/API, which will allow to make transactions between the users convenient.
  • Fast transactions and low fees.
  • In the future LUC is expected to be used not only within Play2Live ecosystem, but also in other projects created on the basis of Level Up Chain.
  • Free conversion of LUC to cryptocurrencies provided by other gaming services.
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